Here are the questions we’re asked most frequently…

Whether you’re wondering where to buy Blossom Hill online, or what goes into our wines – you’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for we’re very happy to help, just drop us an email.


Where can I get hold of my favourite Blossom Hill wine? Where is it sold?

You should be able to pick up a bottle while doing the supermarket shop. Tesco, Saisnsburys, Asda and Morrisons all stock it, as do smaller convenience stores such as Co-op, Spar, Nisa. If you can’t find your favourite wine, send us an email and we’ll let you know where it’s stocked near you.

Where can I buy Blossom Hill online?

Most of the major supermarkets sell Blossom Hill through their website.

One of the bottles I bought recently didn’t taste quite right. Can I get a replacement?

We want you to enjoy every Blossom Hill wine. If you are unhappy with any purchase, please do contact our Consumer Care using the details below and they will arrange to send you a replacement. You’ll need to provide proof and receipt of purchase.

How do I contact your Consumer Care Team?

If you have any questions or concerns about Blossom Hill we will be happy to help. We have centres in Britain, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and can be reached by telephone on the following numbers:

I am having problems buying Blossom Hill online and in stores with my trade account. Who should I talk to?

Our Consumer Careinfo Centre should be able to help you. You can contact them by telephone or via email.

I’ve heard that Blossom Hill is fruity, but what about the acidity?

The acidity of wine varies depending on the amount of tartic acid per volume. All Blossom Hill wines have a pH level of 7 and contain between 4.5g/l and 7g/l depending on the blend of wine and the vintage.

I am sensitive to cinnamon and/or E210-219, Can I still drink Blossom Hill?

Cinnamon and/or E210-E219 are not ingredients of Blossom Hill Red or White wines, nor are they used in the production process. You can safely drink any of the Blossom Hill wines.

What about wheat or gluten? Are they used in the production of Blossom Hill?

We can confirm that no GM Organisms, Gluten, wheat or cereals derivatives are used during the production of Blossom Hill nor are they ingredients of the wine. If you suffer wheat allergies you can safely drink Blossom Hill.

How long can I keep Blossom Hill wine?

Why hold on to it? Blossom Hill wines are best drunk as young as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you buy the wines as close to the date they are going to be drunk as possible.

Do Blossom Hill wines contain Sulphates/Sulphites?

Sulphites are added as preservatives (in the form of sulphur dioxide) to all Blossom Hill wines. We do not have any requested analysis about sulphates. It is very likely however that sulphates can be found in Blossom Hill wines.

What exactly goes into making the unique flavour of Blossom Hill wine?

We cannot give away all our secrets but we can give you a generic list of ingredients used in our wines.

Are Blossom Hill wines suitable for vegetarians?

Unless approved by The Vegetarian Society, no wine can be guaranteed as suitable for vegans or vegetarians, as there may be occasions when non vegetarian processing aids may be used to finish the wine.

So how exactly is the wine produced? Do you use casks? A range of chemicals?

We use a range of commonly used fining agents to clarify our wine before filtering it. On occasion this might include gelatin or albumen.

Casks are used for our Winemaker’s Reserve Chardonnay and our Winemaler’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

I’ve read that all sorts of fruit can go into wine, like blackberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. Is that true?

Whilst the taste and aroma of Blossom Hill fruitful wines may give the illusion of a variety of different fruits, only grapes are used in the production process.

In terms of storing Blossom Hill, what is its shelf life?

We bottle all of our wines when they are ready to drink. In order to appreciate the fresh fruity character and modern style of Blossom Hill red and white wines, we recommend prompt consumption.

Bottles can be stored however, for up to one year, in a cool dry place.

Does Blossom Hill come in any other bottle sizes?

Standard Blossom Hill wines come in 750ml bottles but we also produce a 25cl sizes. These are available in supermarkets nationwide.

I am a big fan of wine boxes. Does Blossom Hill come in a box?

Yes it does. You can find the Blossom Hill Cabernet Shiraz box at Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Do you have any nutritional information about Blossom Hill wine?

We know that looking after yourself is a priority. At Blossom Hill we have calculated the calories per 125ml glass of each of our wines. We have also listed the % alcohol for every wine in our range. See below for full details:

CLASSICS Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
Classic Soft and Fruity Red 12.00% Non Vintage 91 125ml
Classic Crisp and Fruity Rose 12.00% Non Vintage 100 125ml
Classic Fresh and Fruity White 12% Non Vintage 91 125ml
Classic Fresh and Juicy White 12.5% Non Vintage 99 125ml
Classic Smooth and Spicy Red 13.5% Non Vintage 100 125ml
VINEYARD COLLECTION Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
Vineyard Collection Aromatic and Delicate White 12.00% Non Vintage 91 125ml
Vineyard Collection Aromatic and Smooth Red 12% Non Vintage 91 125ml
WINEMAKERS RESERVE Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
Winemaker's Reserve Rich Cabernet Sauvignon 13.00% 2010 96 125ml
Winemaker's Reserve Smooth Chardonnay 13.00% 2011 97 125ml
Winemaker's Reserve Velvety Merlot 13.00% 2011 96 125ml
Winemaker's Reserve Vibrant Pinot Grigio 13.00% 2011 96 125ml
Winemaker's Reserve Zesty Sauvignon Blanc 12.5% 2011 92 125ml
ROSE Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
White Zinfandel 10.00% 2011 88 125ml
Grenache Rose 11.00% 2011 93 125ml
SPARKLING Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
Winemaker's Reserve Pinot Sparkling Blush 10.5% Non Vintage 90 125ml
Winemaker's Reserve Sparkling Zinfandel 10.5% Non Vintage 95 125ml
VIE Alcohol % Age Energy in kcal Serving
Vie Elegant and Fruity White 5.5% Non Vintage 55 125ml
Vie Delicate and Fruity Rose 5.5% Non Vintage 66 125ml
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